NEW FILM:Croatia – Colourful Mosaic

A new documentary about Croatia has been released: Croatia, - Colourful Mosaic.
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A new documentary about Croatia has been released: Croatia – Colourful Mosaic.

We are proud to present our new documentary film: Croatia – Colourful Mosaic (documentary, 60 minutes).
The narration is in English, but you can turn on Croatian subtitles (English subtitles are available too). The author of the film is Goran Šafarek, Šafarek produkcija. The editor was Diana Bartolić.
Croatia is small but diverse and has many faces. With a surface of just 55 000 km2, this country is a bridge from the Mediterranean to the Alpine region in the north, the vast Pannonia plain in the east and the Dinaric wilderness in the southeast. Pannonian part of Croatia is bordered by lazy, wide rivers with giant wetlands and vast stretches of golden wheat and corn fields between low hills.

Croatia’s rocky, karst part teems with wild rivers, waterfalls, massive canyons, and lush and barren mountains where wolves, bears and lynx roam. Beautiful Adriatic coast with crystal blue sea is bathed in the sun, full of old stone towns and villages, spectacular beaches and thousand islands.

Croatia is a colourful mosaic.