Why to choose Croatia for your dream destination?

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Are you in search of a vacation? If so, consider travelling to Croatia! Despite its relatively small size, this nation boasts a remarkable range of landscapes. It mainly comprises northern plains, mountains, central highlands, and a stunning Adriatic coastline. The natural environment and cultural treasures are both well-preserved. Additionally, there is a well-developed tourist infrastructure and a high level of safety.

Europe is home to a number of attractive travel destinations. Among the most well-known are France, Spain, and Italy, renowned for their cultural landmarks and beautiful natural landscapes. However, these countries are frequently associated with high expenses, large crowds, and excessive urbanization.


Croatia has a diverse cultural legacy, particularly along the Adriatic shoreline. While not as grand as iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or Colosseum, destinations such as Rovinj, Pula, Šibenik, and Split are just a few examples of the many towns and villages that have been refined over the centuries into charming stone gems.


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Mljet Island

The country of Croatia is not only rich in ancient Mediterranean culture and charming Dalmatian towns constructed from shining limestone, but it also boasts stunning natural beauty and captivating landscapes that are rarely found in Europe. From the crystal clear blue sea to the rugged coastline dotted with numerous islands, the scent of pine trees and the sound of cicadas fill the air. Furthermore, the coastal mountains offer spectacular views of the coastline. In addition, untamed and protected rivers flow through deep canyons adorned with picturesque waterfalls and vast floodplains with wetlands. 


The wildlife in Croatia includes lynxes, bears, and wolves, which still roam freely. The majority of the mountains are covered in lush forests. Croatia is home to over 15 types of freshwater fish endemic to the region, living in short, isolated, and diverse rivers with waterfalls and deep canyons. The fauna inhabiting the thousands of known caves in the country are mostly endemic, making up more than 70% of the species found.


The majority of the Croatian coastline is characterized by rocky terrain. While some areas may be less easily reached, they offer a greater variety of landscapes. Numerous peninsulas, bays, and thousands of islands make it a truly Mediterranean experience, complete with pine trees and the sound of cicadas. While specific beaches in populated areas may be man-made and overcrowded, there are plenty of opportunities for tranquillity, recreation, and even nudist beaches along the nearly 6000km stretch of coast. For those seeking a paradise, simply hop on a sailing boat and set sail.


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The rural areas of Croatia are also alluring, with Lonjsko polje near Zagreb being a prime example. This region has managed to maintain its traditional architecture, featuring charming wooden houses. The vast meadows surrounding the area are home to freely grazing horses, pigs, and cows during the warmer months. The unique combination of man and nature can also be seen in the nesting white storks on many houses. Similarly, the region of Baranja, located between the Drava and Danube rivers, has also preserved its natural environment and cultural heritage while boasting a delectable cuisine that blends Croatian and Hungarian flavours, particularly with spicy paprika. There are also other lesser-known yet stunning places to explore. And of course, there is Zagreb, the capital city known for hosting the best Christmas fair in Europe.


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Over time, Croatia has transformed into a popular spot for partygoers. Zrće is often called a mini Ibiza, and other cities like Split offer diverse festivals.


Croatia offers options for travellers of all budgets, ranging from backpackers to affluent yacht owners. It remains relatively affordable compared to countries like Italy or Spain unless you visit popular destinations like Dubrovnik.


The sea and sun are complemented by various activities such as beach trips, hiking, and historical tours, making the tourist infrastructure more diverse.


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Croatia is known for its safety, making it an excellent destination for solo travellers and families. You can confidently take a stroll at night without any worries. The country is also safe for hitchhiking, solo female travellers, and families. It is also a liberal country, allowing topless sunbathing on regular beaches and nudism on many designated FKK beaches.


The public transport network is highly efficient, making travelling a breeze. Additionally, airports connect various European countries, including the capital Zagreb and the coastal regions.