Guide to nudist (FKK) beaches in Croatia

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Croatia is a summer paradise for nudists. Mediterranean climate with crystal clear warm sea are hard to resist and the local people on the coast are very open to this lifestyle in designated beaches and camps. There are a number of official FKK (nudist) the beaches where you can stay naked for days.

Croatia has more than 1.777 km long mainland coastline and 1246 islands so everybody can find its part of the heaven. The Adriatic coast is friendly to naturists and nudists and it’s a trendy destination for FKK lifestyle. Topless on a regular beach (textile) is rarely frowned upon. FKK is a designation for official nudist beaches and camps.

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History of nudism

Croatia’s long history of nudism dates from 1907 when the first official nudist beach was opened on the Croatian island of Rab. The English king Edward VIII was one of the first famous nudists, making Croatia known in these circles. Because of that, Croatia is Europe’s first country to start nudist tourism.


Nudism today

Today, Croatia has numerous nudist beaches, nudist camps, and resorts. All you have to do is to choose the one you like the most and enjoy. Nudists from all over the world come every year to enjoy naked in the Adriatic Sea. Camps are perfect for families, as they are safe from voyeurs, perverts and other nuisances. But, even if you don’t stay at the camp, you can still practice nudism. Rab Island is famous for its nudist beaches, but no dedicated camps exist.

We don’t advise removing all your clothes on public textile beaches, especially in villages or towns. Topless is OK, however. Usually, just go to the next bay, and you will find a more private place.

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Nudist beaches:


Istra is very liberal place, especially around Rovinj, with many FKK camps as well:

Ladin Gaj – Umag; rocky beach

Ladin Gaj beach is located about 8 kilometres south of Umag, in a beautiful cove near Karigador. The beach can be reached by following a fantastic promenade fully rebuilt in 2005. Ladin Gaj is a beach that was awarded a Blue flag because of its rich contents, as well as the quality and purity of the sea. The sea is reachable by stairs, and the beach itself is rocky with paved parts. The Southern part of the Ladin Gaj beach is intended for naturists.

Moj Mir – Savudrija; pebble beach with larger rock fragments

One of the most popular beaches in Savudrija is the Moj Mir beach.
Moj Mir Beach is a pebble beach with a partially rocky area. It is suitable for families with children, people with disabilities and the elderly, and there is also a part of the beach for naturists.

Red Island – Rovinj; rocky beach with larger rock fragments

It is one of the most famous beaches around Rovinj.  The Red Island consists of two artificially linked islands, Maskin Island and St. Andrew Island. Maskin‘s indented coast is dotted with rocky coves and paths that wind through the pines, making walking beautiful. Even though not an “official” naturist site, the secluded coves are perfect for getting that all-over tan. Although there was once an official naturist site (FKK) that attracted many gays, now naturism is unofficial and largely heterosexual. A pair of rubber shoes come in handy for getting into the crystal-clear water.

Rt Babo – Rovinj; beach with large rock fragments.

The cape Babo beach is 5 km away from Rovinj and is on the way to the city of Pula. The beach is wild and somewhat unavailable by car. It is not possible to park right next to the beach but by walking through the forest paths you can reach it.
It is ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea and the sun away from the crowds and does not mind the lack of sanitary, sports or gastro content. That’s why we advise you to take everything you need: from food to games and sun protection. However, for those wishing to have fun, within the campsite Vestar, which is 15 minutes walk from Cape Babo beach, there is plenty of fun sports content.
Beaches on the Cape Babo are predominantly rocky with difficult access to the sea so they are not recommended for small children, although there are more accessible beaches as well. If you bring everything you need, the beaches on Cape Babo are ideal for a whole day’s stay. In addition, they are ideal for naturists since everyone can find a corner for themselves, hidden from the curious public eye.


Veštar – Rovinj; sandy and pebble beach

Vestar Beach is a pebble beach located in a protected bay 5 km from the centre of Rovinj. This 700m long beach was awarded the Blue Flag as a symbol of beauty and purity of sea and quality of service.
Vestar Beach is especially interesting for families with small children because one part of the beach in the middle of the bay has a very shallow sea entrance. It takes about 50 meters to walk on the sandy bottom where you can swim. It is, therefore ideal for children who love to play in the shallow sea and the non-swimmers. The northern part of the beach is pebble and reserved for naturists, while on the south, rocky part, it is possible to sunbathe and try fishing as well. The rescue service watches after all visitors so everyone can feel safe. On one part of the beach, it is also allowed to bring your pets.

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Uvala Guštinja – Rovinj; pebble beach

The pebble beach of Gustina is located in the bay under the same name, 7 km south of Rovinj. Access to the beach is possible by car, although due to the difficult white road behind the Vestar campsite and the inability to park right next to the beach, it is recommended to come by boat. Beach Cove Gustinja is a wild, pristine beach with crystal-clear waters. It is ideal for those who want to fully relax and enjoy the sun and the sea far away from the city crowds. Since it is not well connected with traffic, there is no crowd in the bay, which benefits naturists. Since there is little natural shade, we recommend taking a tent or a parasol and a sun protection cream with a protective factor. Also, bring your head cover, refreshing fluids, and some food. The rich underwater life makes the Cove Gustina beach special, so diving lovers will surely enjoy exploring all the underwater areas.

Sol Polynesia – Umag; pebble and rocky beach

Sol Polynesia beach is located only 2 km from Umag, particularly in the Katoro village. The beach contains pebbles, stone and sandy parts. One part of the Sol Polynesia beach is intended for nudists. That part of the beach is grassy with rocky parts here and there and is separated by a pine tree forest which offers shade under which you can hide from the intensive sunlight. The beaches in Umag are well maintained, with a long nudist tradition. All nudists will feel pleasant and comfortable here. Family nudism is very popular here. Umag has been one of the most popular destinations offering nudist lifestyles and vacations for years.



Kvarner, the Adriatic coast of Rijeka and  Opatija Riviera with islands of Krk, Cres and Lošinj is another very liberal place for nudists.

Jablanova – Baška; pebble beach

Jablanova Beach is located in Baska on the island of Krk, and because of the lack of services, it is advisable for adventurers. There are no restaurants, toilets or showers on the beach, there is only one smaller bar, so we recommend you to bring enough food for the whole. This idyllic beach, although not officially FKK beach, is a favourite place for naturalists, people can freely wear a swimsuit.


Storišće – Baška; pebble beach.

Storisce Beach is an idyllic bay on the island of Krk, isolated and mystical, away from civilization. The beach has no service; it is a favourite destination for all people looking for peace. Nudists can visit this beach, although it is not officially FKK beach. Access to the beach is difficult because of the winding and steep path, so you must bring tighter footwear as you will walk on the rocky ground. You can reach the beach by car, park in the parking lot 1 km away, and then continue on foot. The beach is not crowded and is rich in the clear sea, untouched, pristine nature and beautiful views.


Rab Island has a special place in the Croatian naturism and nudism scene. This island of is rightly referred to as the pioneer of naturism on the Adriatic. August 1936 is frequently mentioned as the official beginning of naturism in Rab when the English king Edward VIII stayed there, and the Rab authorities allowed him and his wife to take a nude swim in the bay Kandarola. However, it is certain that naturism on the island started long before that. The article “Trade in nakedness”, published in the Austrian economic journal “Trend” no. 11/83, reports that the naturist beach in Rab was officially opened as early as at the transition to this century and that 50 beds in the hotels were reserved for naturists. Kandarola isn’t the only one. Sandy peninsula of Lopar is a naturist heaven with one of Croatia’s most famous and beautiful nudist beaches: Ciganka, Stolac, and Sahara.


Ciganka – Lopar; sandy beach

One of the 3 naturist sandy beaches in Lopar facing north is very peculiar due to the strange sandy pyramids and other naturally formed shapes. The sea is emerald green and you can choose sand or rock plateaus for sunbathing. Ciganka (gipsy woman) can be reached on foot or in a car that you can park in the nearby pine forest. There is a dog beach nearby.

Sahara – Lopar; sandy beach

A 30-minute walk from Rajska plaža you get to Sahara, a beautiful sandy beach. Not the desert, but the most famous naturist beach in Lopar. It is not far, yet it is far enough should you desire peace on your vacation. Bear in mind that this beach has no facilities, so you better bring your own picnic (or at least some drinking water). Between Sahara and Stolac beaches is a dog beach in a tiny bay called Pod pećine.

Stolac – Lopar, the island of Rab; sandy and rocky beach

Hidden away in pristine nature, Stolac Beach is where you go for a bit of privacy on your rock or patch of sand. Perfect for naturists, only 10 minutes from San Marino hotel village, it is exclusively FKK – no bathing suits are allowed!

Kandarola – Rab; Rocky and pebble beach

Well known as a destination for people that prefer their holidays without the restraints of clothes, the island of Rab has one of the oldest naturist beaches in the world, where a certain king Edward VIII and Walis Simpson took a skinny dip. Kandarola Beach is easily reached by taxi boats from Rab or Palit and you can drive there too. Beach facilities include a restaurant, deck chair, and parasol rentals and of course, showers and toilets. There is a dog beach as well.


Sveti Duh – near Novalja; sandy and pebble beach.

Near the camp Sveti Duh is not formally a nudist camp, but the nudist beach is part of the camp, and they are friendly to nudism.


Šimuni – Šimuni ; rocky and pebble

Simuni Beach is situated in a small village of the same name on the island of Pag. The beach is pebbly and is ideal for family vacations. It can be reached by car, but from the parking lot to the beach, there are several minutes on foot. At the end of this beach, you can swim naked. This is not an official FKK beach, but naturist lovers can enjoy privacy far from curious views.

STRAŠKO: on Pag island is no longer naturist camp and beach.


Dalmatia is more traditional than Istra, Kvarner, and Rab, but it offers good possibilities for nudism.

Kozarica – Pakoštane, rocky beach, pebble

Kozarice Beach is located in a thick pine forest on the western side of Pakoštane near the Kozarice camp in Pakoštane. One part of the beach is intended for naturists, which is the better part. The beach is easily accessible – just follow the road from Pakoštanein the direction of the camp. There are no facilities, only the table, but the parking and the camp is just 5 minute walk.

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Murter is another good place for clothing-free basking and skinny dipping.

Iza Andrije – Tisno, rocky beach

Iza Andrije Beach is located on the edge of Tisno. It was named after the church of St. Andrew, behind which it is located. It was pronounced the most popular nudist beach in Croatia. The beach is rocky with blocks of concrete where you can sunbathe and enjoy your vacation. In the background of the beach, there is a pine tree forest.

Kosirina – rocky beach

The campsite is a textile camping site with two sandy beaches, one of which is reserved for naturists, whilst its coastline is about 400 meters long with a view of the island of Kornati.



Vrulja – Pisak (Omiš) pebble beach

Vrulja Beach is located near the beautiful resort Brela on the Makarska Riviera. High cliffs surround Vrulja because of which it is not easily approached. It is best to come to the beach by boat from Brela. Those who do not want to spend the whole day in the sun can enjoy in the shade of beautiful tall pines, and other Mediterranean plants provide you with. Vrulja Beach is a favorite among tourists and locals, with part of the beach intended for nudists. The beach is pebbly, and the sea is crystal clear and a little cooler due to many sources. The beach is ideal for romantic couples and families with small children.



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Makarska Riviera below the mighty Biokovo Mountain is a very popular summer destination, with luxury hotels and apartments, great rocky and pebble beaches. It is also very open to naturists.

Nugal – Tučepi; pebble beach

Nugal beach is another beach located near Makarska. Its unique beauty makes it the perfect choice for those who practice nudist tourism. This famous nudist beach is located near Tucepi. The wonderful Nugal beach, situated beneath cliffs, can be reached by lowering down through the mesmerizing dense forest – Park Osejava, which stretches 3 km from Makarska towards Tucepi. Nugal Beach is a nudist paradise because it offers privacy. They can enjoy the peace and, hidden from everyone, relish the summer and clean sea. Unfortunately, due to the popular posts in world media, this beach was invaded by textiles, so half the beach is nudist only today.

Cvitačka – Makarska; pebble beach with larger rock fragments

Cvitacka Beach is 2.5 km far from the centre of Makarska, in the direction of Split, and consists of several small beaches separated by rocks and two bigger beaches. The total length of all beaches is 1km, and the nudist beach Cvitacka continues on this beach. There is a parking lot near the beach that has to be paid. You will have to walk from the nearby parking lot to the beach for a few minutes. Large beaches can be easily reached on foot, by bicycle or scooter, on a wide white road. Smaller beaches are accessible by stone stairs or narrow macadam paths.

Dračevac – Podgora (Makarska); pebble beach

The Dracevac beach is a well-known nudist beach located 1 km north of the centre of Podgora, in the direction of Makarska. This beautiful pebble beach is 400 meters long and is set in seclusion. Surrounded by dense pine forests that create shade and protect swimmers from curious views from the road above the beach. It is ideal for couples and lovers looking for privacy, idyllic nature and peaceful surroundings.
The second part of the beach is completely isolated, and there is no content on it. This part is adapted for naturist lovers. This beach will conquer you with the extraordinary beauty of nature and its unique charm.

Garma – Podgora; pebble beach

At the entrance to Podgora, when you leave Makarska, the beach of Garma is located. Made of several smaller beaches separated by rocks, this beach is ideal for nature lovers and naturists. Access to the beach in a simple, well-defined macadam pathway takes you only a few minutes from the parking lot to the beach.
There is only one big beach where you can find a restaurant to relax in the shade with a delicious meal and a refreshing drink. Smaller beaches are more isolated from the views and protected by pine trees surrounding them and at the same time create the most necessary shade.

Iza Klobuka – Zaostrog ; pebble beach

The beach of Iza Klobuka stretches from the edge of the inhabited part of Zaostro to the beach of Lucica, in an area of about 500 m. It consists of many smaller beaches and bays separated by rocks and stones. All these beaches are pebble and ideal for a relaxing holiday without much content. Although it is not an official FKK beach, the beach of Iza Klobuka is often a destination of naturists for its secrecy and isolation. Surrounded by pine forests and rocks, it gives the visitors the well-deserved and needed peace and isolation.

Klokun – Podgora ; pebble beach

Near Podgora, in small places called Igrane you will find an idyllic beach called the Klokun beach. Reaching this pebble bay only by boat is possible, so peace and escape from reality are guaranteed.
The small gravel bay, surrounded by rocks and stones, is ideal for all lovers of true, untouched nature. The pine forests surrounding the beach create shade and serve as sun protection for hot summer days. The beautiful pebbles and the pure, clear sea are the perfect combinations to delight you.
Although not officially proclaimed a nudist beach, Klokun Beach is known among nature lovers as one of the most beautiful hidden beaches on the Makarska Riviera. Protected from the eyes, this hidden bay is a natural choice for all romantics and nature lovers.

Krvavica – Baška Voda; pebble beach

Krvavica Beach is located in the small town Krvavica, near the popular tourist destinations of Makarska and Baska Voda. Right next to the beach is a camp and port Ramova. Krvavica Beach can be reached by car, and a paid parking lot is nearby. Reaching the beach on foot from Makarska and Baska Voda is also possible. The promenade along the coast from Krvavica continues to the famous tourist destination of Brela. Makarska can be reached by a small narrow macadam pathway passing over the FKK beaches in Krvavica and Makarska.



This island is true Dalmatia, with preserved nature and impressive cultural heritage. There is one FKK camp, Nudist near Vrboska and several nudist beaches.

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Jerolim – Paklinski otoci; rocky beach

Beach Jerolim is located on one of the most beautiful islands of the Adriatic – Pakleni otoci (Hell islands) and has been listed among the 15 best nudist beaches in the world. Jerolim Beach is a place of pristine nature, rocky shores and crystal clear waters ideal for those who like to swim naked far from the crowd. Behind the beach is a forest of pine trees that provide shade during the great summer heat. There is a restaurant on the island of Jerolim near the beach, where you can enjoy a variety of Dalmatian specialities. The beach Jerolim can be reached by a private or taxi boat from Hvar in only 20 minutes.

Mekićevica – Hvar town; pebble beach with larger rock fragments

Mekicevica beach is located near the town of Hvar. This romantic gravel bay can be reached by boat from the seaside or on foot from the town of Hvar. If you go on foot, prepare for half an hour of easy walk to the cove, through the macadam and the coastal area. This beautiful, hidden beach consists of two strands and a white stone shore, which in touch with the turquoise sea creates an idyllic sight. Lovers of beautiful nature, romantics and naturists can find an ideal place for themselves here. One part of the beach is also part of the FKK beach. Naturist lovers can enjoy contact with the intact nature here.

Stipanska – Paklinski otoci; pebble and rocky beach

Stipanska Beach is a beautiful nudist beach located on one of the most beautiful islands of the Adriatic – Paklinski otoci, more precisely on the island of Marinkovac. Stipanska is a pebble and rocky beach that offers you privacy and the possibility of enjoying your vacation away from summer crowds. The beach can be reached by taxi boat from the town of Hvar or by private boat. Unlike many other nudist beaches, this beach is equipped with outdoor showers, a shop and an excellent restaurant that offers a variety of foods.



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Paklina – Bol; pebble and rocky beach

Paklina Beach is located on the south side of the island of Brac near the tourist town of Bol. Paklina is a beautiful pebble nudist beach leaning on Zlatni rat. The Paklina stretches in many small beaches and rocky coves that offer you the privacy you want and relaxation away from the crowd. In the background of the beach is a lush forest that provides shade during the great summer heat. Sports fans can relax by playing volleyball, picigin and doing other activities, but you must bring your props because you cannot buy or rent them on the beach.



Lenga Brendana – Lumbarda; rocky beach

Lenga Brendan Beach is located not far from Lumbarda, on the island of Korcula. The beach stretches over a rocky cliff 1 km long, between the famous beach Bilin Žal and Rt Ražnjić. The beach can be reached on foot, by boat, and by car, and not far from it I there is also a parking space. The approach to the beach is narrow and macadam, so we advise you to take the patio. As the coast is rocky, do not forget your sea shoes. Lenga Brendana Beach is known as a naturist beach, although it is not an official FKK beach. It is surrounded by dense pine forests that create a lot of shade and hides the rocky shore from curious views. Like for naturists, it is a place for dog owners as well, even though it is not the official beach for dogs, Lenga Brendan is isolated enough to let anyone enjoy their piece without disturbing the other

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Prozid – Vela Luka; rocky and pebble beach

Proizd Beach is located on the island of Prozid near the entrance of Vela Luka on the island of Korčula. Proizd can be reached with a private boat or a taxi boat starting from the centre of Vela Luka. The island has a restaurant which provides its guests with Dalmatian specialities. Proizd Beach is a natural beach where you can enjoy its privacy. The coast is rocky with several pebbly areas, and the sea bottom is covered with small stones, which give the feeling of untouched beauty. The island is also called the Island of Love.


Templuž – Komiža; rocky beach

Templuz Beach is located not far from the town of Komiža, only 20 minutes walk from the centre, and is ideal for all lovers of nature and naturism. You cannot get to the beach by land, but you must walk through the shallow sea.
The beautiful pebbles, lush vegetation, a beach surrounded by rocks and a clear sea are all you need to enjoy your vacation. There is also a source of fresh water on the beach, creating a special beach experience.
This beautiful pebble beach is located in the area designated as FKK so if you are a naturist and a lover of intact nature, clean sea and beautiful pebbles, this is the right beach for you. Enjoy the unique nature during your vacation and indulge in an unforgettable FKK Templuz Beach holiday.


Lokrum – Dubrovnik; rocky beach

Lokrum Beach is on an eponymous unpopulated island, one of the smallest in the southern archipelago. Lokrum belongs to the unique preserve of forest vegetation under UNESCO’s protection. Except with the rich forest vegetation, this little island is adorned with a botanical garden filled with exotic plants, eucalyptus, cacti, and similar species, as well as with the remains of the 12th-century basilica, a 15th-century convent and a 19th-century summer mansion of Maksimilijan Habsburg, with gardens and parks. The island of Lokrum also holds a small salty lake suitable for children and non-swimmers. The island’s shore is rocky and is popular among adrenaline junkies for acrobatic diving. Because of the privacy they have to offer, almost every beach is of a naturist type.

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Plat – Dubrovnik; pebble beach

Plat Beach is located near Dubrovnik in an area called Župa Dubrovačka between the Cavtat and Mlini settlements. It is hidden behind stones and provides total privacy, making it an oasis of peace. Plat is a naturist beach and is meant for those to wish to enjoy its privacy, but is also appropriate for singles, families with children and romantics. Its only negative side is that there is no shade from the sun so the only way to refresh yourself in the hot summertime is at the nearby café and swimming in the sea.


Unofficial nudist beaches

You can often find unofficial nudist beaches just a few minutes away from the crowded textile beaches. Usually, it is the case of the separated alcoves. Even textile people are tolerant. There can sometimes be some people wearing swimming suits, all the others enjoying naked, free and happy. This is not something unusual in Croatia. I would rather say it is an unwritten rule in the entire Adriatic coastline. There are textile beaches that are usually crowded, but if you just take a little walk to the next alcove, you will find beaches like this one. Unlike town beaches that are not only crowded but also cemented, these natural beaches are more beautiful, less crowded and perfect for taking off all your clothes and diving into the sea.

Kamenjak is one such example. It is the southernmost cape of Croatian biggest peninsula – Istria. Kamenjak is a protected nature reserve for its exceptional natural beauty. It includes wild scenes of untouched nature where you can encounter the last habitats of various plant and animal species on the planet! Idyllic beaches are mixed with wild coastlines in the shade of pine trees, crystal clear blue sea, pebble bays, high cliffs, and hidden caves. It is, therefore, the perfect setting for nature lovers. And naturism lovers. It is not an official naturist beach, but as in many places on Croatian Adriatic, naturism is tolerated. Just go from the crowd, and get rid of those pesky textiles! The flat, smooth rocks are usually the best. During the heat peak, go to the forest behind and in deep shade, with the pine fragrance and hypnotical orchestra of cycads…

Nudism on the continent

By law, only official beaches and camps are suitable for nudists. However, there are many natural places without people who care little about it. The rivers are prominent places for that. Don’t do it in the cities, public places, or beaches, but you can find your hidden spot.


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