Rovinj – lovely town in Istria

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Rovinj is one of the charming towns on the Istrian coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. It offers spectacular cultural heritage in a blend with modern hotels, both wild and urban beaches, along with a green paradise just a short walk from the center.


Istrian coast of the Adriatic Sea is a string of beads, lovely stone towns like Pula, Poreč, Umag. Rovinj is one of them, for many, the best showcase of tourism in Croatia. Its main attraction is the Old Town, a maze of cobbled streets, polished from the centuries of use. The Rovinj area is inhabited since ancient times. The Old Town was built on an islet that was only later connected with the mainland. You can almost feel the history from every stone, but also the intimate life of the people living today. Narrow streets and proximity to the neighbors offer little privacy in public.

These narrow winding streets converge to the top, to the hilltop church of St. Euphemia. Its towering steeple dominates the skyline of Rovinj from afar. The same applies to the other way round, it offers some magnificent views of the town itself and the surroundings.

After an intensive day, dining or just relaxing with a drink on the ancient walls toward the sea is a unique experience, watching as the sun sets down. An evening seafront stroll is the full experience of street vendors, artists, and other tourists. This place

Morning is the beach time; you can choose urban hotel beaches, more natural little bit further but still comfortable enough or wild, on the exposed rocks on the other side of the Golden Cape.  This forested peninsula is a great place for jogging and cycling or just leisurely walking. Thanks to the informative tables, you can learn much about the nature of the Istrian Adriatic coast.


Accommodation tip

There are roughly three options. The first one is in Old Town, which is the most authentic and problematic if you come in a car. It is an excellent option for backpackers. You have hotels on the town’s edges, some of them very modern and comfy. Finally, you can stay in private accommodation in the new parts of Rovinj, that is the easiest and cheap option. The town is small enough, so everything is within walking distance.


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