Wild Croatia – nature at its best

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Croatia is a small country with a preserved nature and immense biodiversity. Explore Wild Croatia, nature at its best.

Croatia is blessed not only with ancient Mediterranean culture and Dalmatian towns built of gleaming limestone but also with extraordinary nature. It is a small country with a beautiful, indented, island-speckled coastline, preserved rivers, pristine forests, huge wetlands, and wild mountains in the interior.

Croatia still harbours three big carnivores: the wolf, the bear, and the lynx, as well as a long list of other animals and plants. Croatia boasts over 15 endemic species of freshwater fish living in short, isolated, diverse rivers with waterfalls and deep canyons. Fauna in several thousand known caves is more than 70% endemic. Croatia is truly naturally wild!

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Written by Goran Šafarek, author of several books and films about Croatia.