Top 10 natural beaches in Croatia

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Croatia is blessed with a long, indented coast. Natural beaches are numerous, from rocky, to gravel and sand ones. Here is our list of top 10 natural beaches in Croatia.

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Pasjača beach is located in the Konavle, below the village of Popovići, about 30 km south of Dubrovnik and 12 km from the town of Cavtat . This beautiful sandy beach is hard to reach, and due to the 200 meters height difference even harder to leave. You need to take a steep path and steps carved into the cliffs to get there. But the soft sand, turquoise sea, and stunning viewpoints are definitively worth the effort.


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It is the southernmost cape of Croatian biggest peninsula – Istria. Kamenjak is a protected nature reserve. Idyllic beaches are mixed with the wild coastline in the shade of the pine trees, crystal clear blue sea, pebble bays, high cliffs, and hidden caves. It is, therefore, the perfect setting for nature lovers. Read more about Kamenjak



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The Mali Bok beach near Orlec is only 10 km away from the town of Cres. The area around Orlec is also host to one of the last habitats of a very rare bird – the griffon vulture. Getting down to the bottom of a cliff to reach this pebble beach is quite a task. But if you want to swim in the crystal clear sea and enjoy the view on these magnificent birds soaring the sky above the cliffs, then you´ll have to work for it.



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Nin’s beaches total a staggering 8,000 meters in length. The longest and most famous among them is a three-kilometer long Queen´s beach. To reach this royal beach you have to pass over a ten-meter long shallow stretch of water. In its vicinity there is the most significant known location of medicinal mud in Croatia. Read more about Nin



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Podvrške beach is located 2 km from the center of a Murter town. It can be reached by car, and there is a parking lot next to the beach. On the coast there are pebbles, and in the sea is beautiful soft sand. When the sea is calm it looks like a tropical beach due to the turquoise, crystal clear sea, and the white, sandy bottom. Read more about Murter



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Sakarun, one of the most famous beaches of Zadar County, is located on the northwest coast of Dugi Otok island. Near the beach are the villages of Verunić, Soline, and Božava. Its reputation comes from its whiteness of the sand and cleanliness of the sea, and it is surrounded by a pine tree forest that offers welcome shade in the summer. It is about 800 meters long, and at 250 meters from the shore, it is only 3.5 meters deep, which means that the space for bathing is enormous and shallow and suitable even for small children.

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Miroslav Vajdic

Telegraph Travel’s Adrian Bridge, described Stiniva beach as a”perfectly formed white pebble cove framed by towering cliffs through which a small opening leads out to the sea.” This beach on the island of Vis can be reached from the land only by hiking down a steep, narrow path. The other way to get to the beach is by taking a taxi boat from the nearby cove at Rukavac but only with vessel small enough to pass through a gasp of a few meters in the cliffs.


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The sandy Blace beach is located in the Limuni Bay, just about 600 meters from the center of Saplunara. This lagoon looking beach is secluded among sharp stones of Mljet southern shores and is surrounded by pine trees. Due to the very narrow entrance from the open sea to the lagoon, seawater gets very warm, and it is possible to swim here when the temperature of the seawater outside of the lagoon is too cold. Read more about Mljet



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Located only 2 km from Bol, you can reach this paradise beach by car or by a 20-minute walk along the sea. Zlatni rat beach was created by deposits of dune pebbles, spreading 500 meters into the sea as a small tongue. The very tip of the beach keeps changing its shape due to the influence of sea currents, waves, and wind, continually making it look different. Zlatni rat is a protected natural area and an excellent spot for surfers and kite-surfers.

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Located on the southern coast of the Pelješac peninsula is Žuljana Bay with a seaside village of the same name. Žuljana is one of the most extensive pebbled beaches on the Adriatic. This shallow beach with a crystal clear sea is perfect for families. As the bay is rich with underwater caves it attracts lot o